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Joe Samson’s nasty diesel tailpipe

Check out Joe Samson’s nasty exhaust tip (last post) If that soot doesn’t make your dick stand up or your pussy wet, you must be an environmentalist!

Bonus: Joe driving the truck:


YouTube: Fox diesel bro who drives the smoker

From the last post of Terry Knapp’s friend that drives a smoker, another video where he checks out the inside and under the hood. The best part is we get to see the driver idling his dirty diesel to charge his phone. He’s uninterested in the video or the exhaust his nasty diesel is putting out because he’s texting his truck sluts who he’ll be fucking tonight.

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Guy gets buttfucked by a coal rollin’ diesel

From Youtube, claydoheater1221 shows his buddy taking a load of black diesel exhaust up his ass! His Fox bro loves it. More of the nasty white Powerstroke coming soon!


Pulling it down

Spread eagle and ready to slide it into that dirt bike exhaust.