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More shots!

Cause you guys asked! Tune on the fly, my nasty tune is called 12V!

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School bus exhaust fuck

The dream of every school bus riding diesel fan: going to the bus yard on a weekend, sneaking into the building to get the keys, starting up the oldest and nastiest bus you can find, revving it up to get the diesel smell in the air, and humping the exhaust pipe.

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cooltruckstartup shows the diesel exhaust of working trucks

cooltruckstartup on Youtube has a bunch of videos showing the dirty diesels that companies drive and the exhaust they release into the neighborhoods!

After dropping off a mattress, this Isuzu drops off a load of black soot. He knows the pipe is ready to jizz some smoke and he’s ready to film it.

Here’s a video of a school bus driving by, walks right into the smelly cloud of fumes it leaves behind.

The driver left the bus idling so the soccer team is hanging out by the tailpipe and breathing it in!

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Guy gets buttfucked by a coal rollin’ diesel

From Youtube, claydoheater1221 shows his buddy taking a load of black diesel exhaust up his ass! His Fox bro loves it. More of the nasty white Powerstroke coming soon!


Twins out the rollpan


Two pipes out a rollpan bumper.