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Nasty diesel bones another guy up

Another great comment on this nasty truck we saw before.

Wet everywhere and My own pole is stiff

Cody Smith

Crude Diesel shows his sooty exhaust dick and rolls coal

Youtuber Crude Diesel shows off his dirty exhaust by calling it his cock! If there’s any doubt that he’s a pollution fan, here’s 20 minutes of him celebrating soot!

Nasty diesel makes guys cum in their pants

Check out the comments:

I had to wear a condom while watching this

Black shark swimmer



Diesel’s got blue balls

When you got blue balls, the only cure is to shoot a big load. This shit made some guys horny and brought the smoke fags out of the woodwork.


Dyno stack blows black into the clear blue sky

This Idaho diesel shop has a big exhaust stack set up for all the coal rollers they know that are gonna be using their dyno, unlike the previous Canadian shop. SiK_Fo4r loves this too since he recorded his Powerstroke busting a big one against the clear blue sky.

Check out the mechanic who’s holding the dryer pipe in the big tip. If he wasn’t being recorded he’d have his crotch right up to the warm vibrating pipe carrying that thick diesel soot to be dumped into the atmosphere.

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Kevintamu’s Ford Coal Factory

Kevintamu’s 2006 F-350 waking up and releasing that puff of soot you get from starting a heavily fueled diesel and the idle haze you get from a cold startup. The great part of this video is the view of the dirty side dump pipe between two spaces in a parking lot where the exhaust gets trapped and the kids in the minivan next to it breathe in the nasty pollution!

2006 F-350 King Ranch 4X4 – 63K miles
– Jl 13w7 powered by 1000/1v2 — 2 Yellow Tops
– Jl 8w7 powered by 250/1 — 220 Amp HD Alternator
– JBL performance components powered by Jl Amp
– All ran by Double Din Pioneer — ARP STUDS
– 30 Farad Stinger Capacitor
– 4.5 Don. Rac. Lift Kit — Eric’s Custom Tunes
– 35X13.5 Dick Cepek — 4 Guage Pillar Mount
– 18 inch Mazzi chrome rims
– Excalibur remote start alarm
– 5 inch custom exhaust
– Many more cosmetic mods and SCT custom tune.

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SOOT LIFE was a brand here in Orlando a few years back started by Brad Cox. Brad drove a 2001 Platinum Edition Powerstroke 7.3 which like the name says put out some good soot from the stacks.

Their slogan was “If you’re blowin’ the black smoke, then you’re livin’ the soot life” which was awesome with their logo

Their logo was a gas mask showing how nasty the exhaust was from their dirty diesels. Anybody behind the soot life gang without a mask had to breathe that toxic soot right in

This is Brian Cox’s truck showing the soot life exhaust on the Florida roads

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Joey omgitsgodx cums down his smoke stacks

Do we have a treat for you! Reader Joey, omgitsgodx, sent in this video of him cumming down his stack while the truck is running and nasty straight piped diesel exhaust is coming out. The only better place he could have jizzed his load is into somebody raw! Stay tuned for more!


YouTube: Fox diesel bro who drives the smoker

From the last post of Terry Knapp’s friend that drives a smoker, another video where he checks out the inside and under the hood. The best part is we get to see the driver idling his dirty diesel to charge his phone. He’s uninterested in the video or the exhaust his nasty diesel is putting out because he’s texting his truck sluts who he’ll be fucking tonight.