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Naked Diesel Motorsports girls make a pulling truck blow a load

I’m sure that’s not the only raw pipe that these diesel sluts take! Props to Pam Jones Photography for setting up the scene, dirty in more ways than one!

Here’s some more pics of the diesel and the stats:

Full built 2.6 diesel puller. FPP legal and also PPL with a turbo change. Anyone who knows this truck knows it's one of the nicest 2.6 trucks in the country.
Danville Performance built engine. 
Brodix heads 
598 Danville bullseye tct turbo
500% exergy injectors 
Custom stainless front mount turbo setup
Real wheels aluminum rear hubs 
Wildwood rear brakes 
Hsv custom intercooler intake 
Dual custom top mounted cp3s
Ballistic cv axles upfront
Tony Burkhard rear axle setup
Custom aluminum driveshaft 
Billet yokes
Latest 17" real wheel custom dual package 
Sts tires all around 
4.56 gear ratio 
Tubular sub chassis 
Tubular custom pulling hitch 
Custom 4 link suspension comes with sale for placement back to street 
Twin lift pumps 
Entire truck uses AN style and or jic quick fittings 

Sammy @greasemfball Fucks the Earth in his Semis

Sammy @greasemfball

Dyno stack blows black into the clear blue sky

This Idaho diesel shop has a big exhaust stack set up for all the coal rollers they know that are gonna be using their dyno, unlike the previous Canadian shop. SiK_Fo4r loves this too since he recorded his Powerstroke busting a big one against the clear blue sky.

Check out the mechanic who’s holding the dryer pipe in the big tip. If he wasn’t being recorded he’d have his crotch right up to the warm vibrating pipe carrying that thick diesel soot to be dumped into the atmosphere.