Beer Money Pulling Team’s Pollution

Beer Money Pulling Team shows off the environmental impact of their pulling tractor!


Dyno stack blows black into the clear blue sky

This Idaho diesel shop has a big exhaust stack set up for all the coal rollers they know that are gonna be using their dyno, unlike the previous Canadian shop. SiK_Fo4r loves this too since he recorded his Powerstroke busting a big one against the clear blue sky.

Check out the mechanic who’s holding the dryer pipe in the big tip. If he wasn’t being recorded he’d have his crotch right up to the warm vibrating pipe carrying that thick diesel soot to be dumped into the atmosphere.

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Dirty Diesel Garage Chokes Up the Air

Some diesel garages have a thing now where they’re all about making their trucks and tunes clean. There’s some out there who know the diesel guys like ’em dirty. Here’s some pictures from a dirty diesel garage from Canada who obviously likes them black.

They love the coal so much they roll that shit indoors. No pipes or fans, just roll it in the building so they can show how much air it fucks up. Smokem98‘s truck does the dirty work.

Afterwards it lingers in the shop for all the mechanics to breathe. Got to experience it first hand to do a good job tuning it nasty.

Here’s the guy who doesn’t give a fuck about the environment cause he’s getting paid