ATV Slut Paige Cowell

Which hole would you stick your dick in first?

Her name is Paige Cowell. I don’t know which one is greater: the amount of exhaust she’s blown out of the pipe or the amount of exhaust from pipes that’s blown into her.


Filthy dump truck exhaust leaves other motorists in the dark

News station shows a dirty diesel dump truck. What do you do when you have unwanted toxic gasses? Just blow it out all over the road.


Rock Quarry Smoking

Gabe Foss on YouTube shows the nasty clouds being blown out of the stacks at the rock quarry. Looks like he even got to get in the loader and do some polluting for the video!


Eco Tune

Tittle Diesel Performance shows his eco tune on a 24v Cummins! I guess there’s only so much you can do for the Earth when you wanna go fast 🤷


Dirty Diesel Pulling Truck

Here’s fieldsmichael36’s pulling truck for sale. Truck pulls are definitely a pollution sport and the Smokin’ Diesel weight box shows they know what they’re doing! Best part is it makes the California hippies cry!

2003 GMC extended cab long bed pull truck. This truck meets PPL rules. Bought it to compete in California. Very competitive truck. It has a 2.6 turbo now and can be easily changed to 3.0. Attached is a list of things done to the truck.
Mahle pistons
TTS rods
custom comp cam
CNC ported stage 2 SoCal heads
with custom blend port
300% exergy injectors
2 12mm exergy fuel pumps
bored .060 over
precision water/air
RacePack datalogger

4.56 gears
all gears are yukon
38 spline axels
stiffen up front end
trans has custom kit, precision billet stator, custom stall
REAL wheels
custom hitch
fuel cell
Weight box
list goes on..


Reader Submission: Soot Stained Tip Service

Sent in by a reader. Hit him up if you’re interested!


Texas Boyz go to California to smog the air

Dirty diesels from Texas come to California and blow thick black diesel smoke in this 909kustomrigz shoot


Dirty diesels lining up

Pics Videos Youtube

Joe Samson’s nasty diesel tailpipe

Check out Joe Samson’s nasty exhaust tip (last post) If that soot doesn’t make your dick stand up or your pussy wet, you must be an environmentalist!

Bonus: Joe driving the truck:


Cavin 24v coal faces friend from his cat stack

From YouTube, Cavin 24v blows black right from a cat stack into his buddy’s face. Breathe!