Guy chokes on the smoke

This pipe sniffer obviously got that shit into his lungs as he coughs and wheezes. He got polluted!

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Joey omgitsgodx doing more diesel stack fucking

Here’s an exclusive video of omgitsgodx cumming down his nasty diesel stack like the last one. As a bonus he sent a pic of his dick still dirty from the soot.


School Bus Tailpipe Fucking

Warm bus exhaust powered by XTube

From Xtube check out Jeepgrandcherokee02 penetrate this Thomas school bus. First he feels the exhaust blow against his clothes, then strips off naked in the bus yard and penetrates the tailpipe. After trying to hold in those nasty exhaust fumes with his crotch he busts a nice load all over the bus butthole. You can see the exhaust blows his cum all over his underwear!


Diesel bro talks about his tip

Probably wanted that white tip to show off the dirty soot

Shows it off while it’s running


High school football team gets coaled


Dirty Neighbors

This diesel couple just got a house. Their neighbors are gonna be thrilled by their performance diesel warming up every day and pulling out with a cloud of soot. When they’re not burning diesel, they’ll be burning wood.


04.5 cummins Slomo axle dump

Dedicated to the soccer mom who got offended by an axle dump.


Diesel Hotties’ Big Cat Stacks

My source tells me that the people behind Diesel Hotties had banned any pics with big exhausts and coal, but with a change in management, they’re now getting dirtier.

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Kevintamu’s Ford Coal Factory

Kevintamu’s 2006 F-350 waking up and releasing that puff of soot you get from starting a heavily fueled diesel and the idle haze you get from a cold startup. The great part of this video is the view of the dirty side dump pipe between two spaces in a parking lot where the exhaust gets trapped and the kids in the minivan next to it breathe in the nasty pollution!

2006 F-350 King Ranch 4X4 – 63K miles
– Jl 13w7 powered by 1000/1v2 — 2 Yellow Tops
– Jl 8w7 powered by 250/1 — 220 Amp HD Alternator
– JBL performance components powered by Jl Amp
– All ran by Double Din Pioneer — ARP STUDS
– 30 Farad Stinger Capacitor
– 4.5 Don. Rac. Lift Kit — Eric’s Custom Tunes
– 35X13.5 Dick Cepek — 4 Guage Pillar Mount
– 18 inch Mazzi chrome rims
– Excalibur remote start alarm
– 5 inch custom exhaust
– Many more cosmetic mods and SCT custom tune.

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SOOT LIFE was a brand here in Orlando a few years back started by Brad Cox. Brad drove a 2001 Platinum Edition Powerstroke 7.3 which like the name says put out some good soot from the stacks.

Their slogan was “If you’re blowin’ the black smoke, then you’re livin’ the soot life” which was awesome with their logo

Their logo was a gas mask showing how nasty the exhaust was from their dirty diesels. Anybody behind the soot life gang without a mask had to breathe that toxic soot right in

This is Brian Cox’s truck showing the soot life exhaust on the Florida roads