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Jake fucks a friend’s Cummins tailpipe

It’s a friends that I met online and we finally met in person.. felt intense and very pleasurable!!

13 replies on “Jake fucks a friend’s Cummins tailpipe”

I want to be at that exhaust and stick my tongue in there and lick the exhaust as it releases its fragrant smoke

I’m horny as f now watching that, just seeing that dirty ,hot truck pipe, slide my big tool right in there and busy right in it.

Jealous of this guy… there aren’t many people here in The Netherlands with a cool truck like this, let alone people who are willing to share it for this purpose 😛 Very hot clip!

That’s so fucking hot I want moreeeeee, every one should fuck their vehicles tho, it feels incredible

Shit it’s like butt fucking a girl… you get shit on your dick, you get nasty smells, but she’s loud and it feels so good you shoot a fat nut right into her.

Fuck, that’s all I want is a buddy that let’s me jerk off into his exhaust that’s so hot!

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