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Jake fucks a friend’s Cummins tailpipe

It’s a friends that I met online and we finally met in person.. felt intense and very pleasurable!!

10 replies on “Jake fucks a friend’s Cummins tailpipe”

Jealous of this guy… there aren’t many people here in The Netherlands with a cool truck like this, let alone people who are willing to share it for this purpose 😛 Very hot clip!

That’s so fucking hot I want moreeeeee, every one should fuck their vehicles tho, it feels incredible

Shit it’s like butt fucking a girl… you get shit on your dick, you get nasty smells, but she’s loud and it feels so good you shoot a fat nut right into her.

Fuck, that’s all I want is a buddy that let’s me jerk off into his exhaust that’s so hot!

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