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Joey omgitsgodx cums down his smoke stacks

Do we have a treat for you! Reader Joey, omgitsgodx, sent in this video of him cumming down his stack while the truck is running and nasty straight piped diesel exhaust is coming out. The only better place he could have jizzed his load is into somebody raw! Stay tuned for more!

8 replies on “Joey omgitsgodx cums down his smoke stacks”

Hell yeah bro! What kinda redneck shit would you do with that exhaust?

Do it wearing my jockstrap and baseball cup. If it was an exhaust pipe I would do my catcher’s squat with my balls hangin low and my long dick pointing out like the trucks exhaust.

Bro wear your chest protector and helmet call for a curve ball while you slide that long dick up the raw diesel asshole.

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