Super Polluting Work Truck

Gotta support the company driving this nasty 1994 Kenworth from when they didn’t give a fuck about spewing black soot into the atmosphere!

4 replies on “Super Polluting Work Truck”

Hell yeah! Bro watching has a big grin on his face, he approves of the nasty pollution!

Seeing a guy crack a big grin when he sees a big nasty cloud of soot really makes the whole experience better.

I love this video for that reason. When the smoke clears from the first big rev you see the guy on the right grinning like a kid in a candy shop, then it fades away with the smoke until I assume he tells the operator to hit it again and his face immediately lights up.

That’s an awesome video. I agree, seeing the guy get excited with the smoke clouds makes it exponentially better. Probably not just his smile that’s a sign of his excitement either!

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